COVID-19: CCC response

At Cardiology Care for Children, we are committed to maintaining patient and staff safety during this current pandemic while striving to meet your urgent medical needs. The following is a list of measures we are currently taking to limit the risk to patients and staff and ask for your patience and compliance as we continue to adapt to the new normal we all find ourselves in.

Limiting contact:

Telemedicine appointments. Meet with Dr Chowdhury from the safety and comfort of home. HIPAA compliant platform. Patients will get a text prior or an email. They can indicate their preference at the time of the scheduling of the appointment.
Spacing in-office appointments. Patients that need testing and be seen in the office are scheduled apart so the patients don’t cross paths in the office.
Waiting room: Avoiding patients or families in the waiting room
Person limit. Only one family member/ guardian may accompany the patient into the office.
Temperature Check: All employees and any person entering the office will be getting their temperature check with a no-touch infra-red thermometer.
Patients with history of fever or respiratory symptoms are immediately isolated. All others must remain in their vehicle.

Protective equipment:

Face masks required. No entry permitted to the office without a face mask. Nose and mouth must be fully covered. Masks are not to be removed at any time while in the office.
Staff safety gear. All staff are equipped with N-95 masks. Those with long term patient contact will also be wearing face shields and change gown coverings after each patient
Cleaning. Rooms and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after each patient.

You can help!

Masks. Always wear your mask and avoid touching or removing it while in public.
Stay home. In office appointments are based on urgency. Avoid going out if you don’t have to. Don’t go out if you have symptoms or think you have been in contact with someone who is sick.
Social-distancing: 6 ft. Try to observe social distancing rules and remember to wash your hands often.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the CDC’s website at: