Aidan’s Heart Foundation Testimonial 11.08.2016


“Dr. Chowdhury,

“Steve and I, along with our board, as well as (patient name protected) and family, are so very, very, very thankful to you and your team for all of your hard work and expertise this past Saturday. It was such a long day! Yet you kept at it, reassuring families and pointing them in the right direction with follow-up recommendations as needed. This was the first screening event we’ve done completely on our own (without hiring an outside organization), and although we were nervous about the logistics we were responsible for, Steve and I agreed the day that we met you at your office that we had no reservations about your role at the event. In fact, after our meeting, we both looked at each other with a smile and knew we’d found a gem of a person and a medical professional to help us carry out our mission. Steve and I were incredibly impressed with your and Dr. Ravi’s work ethic and personable natures throughout the event.

“We hope that you had a positive experience, too, and we would really appreciate any constructive feedback you have to offer about any aspect of the event. On Saturday, you indicated that you might like to work together again, and if that is the case, we’d love to discuss this further. We’re entertaining the idea of doing a screening in Chester County in February, and we have a tentative offer to hold one in southern Delaware County in September.

unknown “As far as your findings go, would you mind confirming our understanding that you found not only one WPW and one possible HCM, but also saw quite a few cholesterol concerns? I’d like to provide this feedback to the district so that they might follow up with education about cholesterol in their health education plans and parent education groups, if they don’t already do this. Also, Rebekah told me afterward that there were about 15 echocardiograms performed. Are you able to list a few of the conditions/reasons that these children were screened? In our recap of the event on social media and our website, I think (like you said) it would be helpful for families to know it’s actually not just conditions that cause SCA that are being detected.

“We hope you’ve gotten some rest 😉 And please let me know if I can add anything to your facebook page or other. Our social media team is recently hired and is still showing me the ropes and learning our page themselves, so I apologize for the delay in getting pictures to you. Let me know what else we can do.

“We are grateful, from the bottom of our hearts! We look forward to a continued partnership in protecting young hearts from life-threatening conditions and keeping families healthy!”

“In gratitude,
Christy and Steve Silva”